channeling spirit on to canvas

Matt Jones is a self-taught artist that is inspired by love, surfing, fishing and most of all…music. “Live painting” in the presence of live music is his ultimate inspiration. The music leads him into a meditation which allows him to get out of the way of himself, and become an empty vessel that allows music to channel the universe into art. The more he gives himself to the music the more his paintings come to life with celebrations of vibrant colors and spontaneous movement. He has painted live with many amazing musicians such as India Arie, Brett Dennen, Anthony B, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Ziggy and Damion Marley, Eryka Badu, Ani DiFranco and many more. He paints yearly at the Harmony Festival, Earthdance, the High Sierra Music Festival and is open to all opportunities to collaborate art with music. “I’m offering my Gift to you in several different styles. Everything from commissioned photo realism, portraits, landscapes trout art and my latest genre is Live Art in front of live music. So if you’d like some unique entertainment at a party, I create spontaneously through the energy of music and my surroundings. I’m also offering prints of some of my favorites.” – Matt